Little Snow, Lots of Buyers

IMG_20110729_130307Winter’s snow is slow getting to the Sierras this year.  Sure hope we have huge amounts  in February – March – April, cause there’s nothing in the forecast for the rest of January.  The boat docks in the edges of the Tahoe Keys are in the mud and the water’s edge in the Al Tahoe area is waaaaay out there.  With a lack of snowfall comes ease of driving on mountain roads and this ease has allowed lots of home buyers to easily make it to town.  The real estate inventory of single family homes is vey low, less than 150, with multiple offer situations in some instances.  Not sure if the threat of raising interest rates is spurring buyers on, but something certainly is.  I’ll keep you posted on the inventory and the interest rates, and let’s all pray for mountain snow and valley rain.

Karen Bailey

1415830164734Here I am in the parking lot of the Bureau of Real Estate in Sacramento waiting while my daughter completes the licensing process by taking the State Exam.  We decided that few other testing applicants were escorted to the newly relocated BRE by their Broker/Mother.  Whatever the result, we are having a splendid mother daughter day cause after Karen’s test were heading  to the Galeria in Roseville.  Shopping on this scale was not a part of raising children in Tahoe plus we have enjoyed the fall colors here in Sac since all the Tahoe leaves are long gone.


PS – She passed!!

What Current Market Information Means to Buyers and Sellers

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I’ve been collecting the market data and included this snapshot of inventory information from the past year and a half or so.   What these numbers help me determine is important to buyers and sellers alike; it shows me how long will a home be on the market and what kind of competition it will have.  Today if no more homes go on the market  we will be out of single family inventory in almost 5 months.  With the average escrow period at 35 days, if you ask me to help you sell your home, I would recommend a compelling price that will move your home the front of the line of those going into escrow heading toward the goal of being sold.  The sellers who aren’t as interested in competitive pricing will be the ones left at the end of that line in 4.8 months.  From a buyer’s perspective, this information can be used in how best to approach an offer on a listed home.  With all the sites available to house hunters, buyers are very aware of a well priced property and knowing if there are ten more to choose from or one more to choose will help you in the initial offer phase.

Active Listings:  284 Today – Single Family Residences, City County

Sold Listings:  59 in the past 30 days

Pending Listings: 92

Months Supply:  4.81

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Confessions of an Ultra Runner

Jazz BlogOkay – I used to run like crazy, for years, 50k’s (31 miles) 50 milers and marathons (26.2 miles) but since I became the owner of my own business and achieved the rank of Grammy, running has taken a back seat. I struggled with allowing myself to “run short” less than a 4 hour outing was sorta like, why bother? As you might expect I became, soft in the middle. So, my confession is this; after over 3o years I started to Jazzercise again, I’m back at it. My daughter, Karen, and I go as many mornings as we can. The grandkids have Miss Nina there to watch over them while we “Jazz” and it is amazing fun for all. We’ve been having this kind of sweaty fun since last November and those silly dance moves really helped whip me back into shape, along with stand up paddling. The point of this blog post is to encourage people like myself to keep moving as you go through life and don’t get stuck on what you used to be able to do giving yourself permission to do less than before. Oh, and I haven’t seen a single side pony tail or any leg warmers :)