On the Courthouse Steps, Really

Landmark_Placerville-11-590x443This afternoon I was on the steps of the El Dorado County Courthouse for a foreclosure sale of real estate.  I am always so amazed when I do this to see the little slice of Americana in motion.  The property I was interested in bidding on was postponed but it was still a successful visit.  While we were waiting for the auctioneer to arrive I sat next to the courtroom sketch artist who was touching up her rendering of the courtroom proceedings, I am sure I will see those same images on the news later tonight.  There was an elderly woman (I have to be careful here as that could be a reference made to myself) who was asking tons of questions since this was her first visit to an auction.  She asked me, “Do they really have the auction on the courthouse steps?”.  She was amazed to know that they certainly do.  It is a wonderful atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, almost carnival like.  I say it was a success, even though I didn’t get to bid on the property that I have been watching,   I was entertained by all the goings on and as I was leaving I went to the finest hardware store anywhere, Placerville Hardware, what a treat.

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