I Love My Job

I have had the recent pleasure of helping several families purchase their first homes. There is nothing more rewarding in my job as seeing the excitement that accompanies moving into your first home. This is the silver lining in the real estate market. Market conditions and historically low interest rates have created a high affordability index which is over 55%. That means that over half of the Californian population can qualify to make the payments on a home. Combine that with the recent extension of the first time home-buyer credit from the feds and we have a great time to be a first time home buyer.

I am loving the fact that I can be part of the process that places these first time home buyers into homes where they can put down roots and raise their families. Especially when their children will grow up here in Tahoe with my grandchildren – watch out when they start to ski.

One thought on “I Love My Job”

  1. Yes it is a Silver Lining for the Real Estate crisis. California is affordable again! Thanks for the good blog. Steve

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