Full Service, At Your Service

                                                    It was abouDSCF0075t 18 months ago that we  began offering property management services.  We were amazed at the amount of  positive feedback that addition generated.  In these times we are frequently asked by home owners  how they can hang on the their Lake Tahoe properties. Long term rentals are a good way to generate income that will supplement  the cost of ownership.  While it will not completely cover these costs, it sure helps.   For me personally, I only look for investment properties in an area that has a quality property manager because it makes all the difference in the ownership experience.  One of our clients puts it this way, “It seems like a dream come true to have someone else deal with the property”.

Because of this demand for local knowledge coupled with the need for quality, competent service we have expanded the property management division to include commercial and industrial properties.