Snow Cat Ski Trip

My husband, Steve, and I just went on our second snowcat ski trip.
This one was in British Columbia, Canada and we had so much fun.  It was completely isolated; a 7 hour drive from the airport to a parking lot where we
took an hour and a half long snowcat ride to the lodge.  The quality
of the skiing was matched by the quality of the food.  Organic local
produce and meats that were prepared on site.  Each morning began at 6am Mountain time where we ate, packed lunch and would leave to ski fresh powder from dawn to dusk.  One ski run in particular was so much fun that I just had to bellow, “WOOO HOOOO!” Steve was the only person
to hear me and I know that he was laughing.  The days were so long and
we didn’t have the energy to deivate from the schedule.  It seemed
like a boot camp for powder skiing.  The motto would have been
something like, “You will have fun, and you will ski powder whether
you like it or not.”  The 3 days went by quickly, as all vacations do.
 We were happy that our ski guide gave us some of his photos
from our trip.  They are so spectacular that I have to remind myself
that it really did happen.