Think Winter – Even in the Summer

When shopping for a home in South Lake Tahoe during the summer months it’s hard to imagine what things are like with blowing and drifting snow.  You will do yourself a favor if you can try and picture those wintry conditions.  Things to consider are:  Sun exposure.  Does the driveway face north?  If so, then you will have little to no help from the sun to melt snow during winter and if you drive over an unplowed driveway – that compacted snow may be there for a long time.  Does the entry walk way have cover, or is there a roof edge that will drip and cause an icing problem?  The sun is at its highest this time of year, so what kind of sun does the home get?  Is it shaded by trees or canyon walls?  There are some locations here in Tahoe that only get three hours of sun in December.  These are just a few things that you need to consider.  Give me a call when you’re ready to shop and we can go over these topics and more in greater detail, you’ll appreciate the help, I assure you.

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