Good News for Homeowners With Wood Shake Roofs

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Lake Valley Fire Protection District has a wood replacement grant program for eligible homes in the Lake Valley and Meeks Bay Fire Protection Districts:

The Hazardous Wood Roof Replacement Grant program is designed to encourage homeowners with hazardous wood roofs to replace them with a full Class A Assembly, non-combustible, non-wood roof.

This grant program will provide eligible, participating homeowners with a 70% reimbursement (with a maximum reimbursement of $6,000) for the costs of replacing an eligible wood roof.  This grant program is NOT retroactive for previously replaced wood roofs.  USFS cabins and commercial properties are NOT eligible.

Due to the informational requirements of the Hazardous Wood Roof Replacement Grant, the program is being broken into two phases.  The first part of the process, Phase 1, closes December 2012 and the Implementation Phase, or Phase 2, following the approval of eligible homes, is anticipated in the spring of 2013.

Phase 1 is intended to collect data so that the Lake Valley Protection District may determine the Scope of Work. For Phase I, homeowners need to fill out a Participation Agreement and return the Agreement to the Lake Valley Fire District.  This will determine whether or not the property is eligible for a grant.

For Phase II, the Implementation Phase, homeowners must be found eligible for the grant and must want to participate in the grant program.

In Phase II, the Implementation Phase, homeowners will be required to provide (prior to receiving reimbursement): * Completed program Implementation – Participation Agreement * Minimum of three (3) Contractor Bid Sheets, to be completed by contractors * Signed copy of Notice to Proceed, issued by the Grant Manager * Verification of payment to the contractor, with copy of PAID invoice * Copy of El Dorado County Building Permit to reroof * Copy of Verification of Completion / Final Sign-Off of the reroof

For any questions regarding the Hazardous Wood Roof Replacement Grant program, contact the Lake Valley Fire Protection District at 530.577.2447 or

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