First Snow?

Well, here we go with NOAA forecasting snow for Lake Tahoe there is a feeling of urgency.  What do the abundant number of falling pine cones, huge population of yellow jackets and hyper acvive squirrels and Ste

Stellar's Jay in Idyllwild California
Stellar’s Jay in Idyllwild California (Photo credit: SD Dirk)

llar’s Jay indicate?  Some say a heavy winter.  We would love to see that since we got a marginal amount of snow last year and lake levels are low.  We are busy at our house making the swap from summer to winter (the kayaks went to storage yesterday).  Whatever happens , I am excited to see the seasons change and welcome cooler days with the possibility of a long wet winter.  I’ll tell you in the Spring if all the signs for a wet winter mean anything.

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