It Still Looks Like Autumn

1388269125955From my last post till this one,  it’s still not looking much like winter.  I am hopeful that it will snow like crazy and we’ll be skiing powder soon.  Don’t be sad for us though, there’s lots to do here in Tahoe.  Heavenly has amazing snow making capability and that snow is great, especially on the upper Nevada side.  I went skiing with two of our grand children, ages 3 and 4,  last Saturday and had a great time on the appropriate slopes.  The gondola ride is always a hit.  There is pretty amazing mountain biking to be had on the sunny side of Tahoe Mountain, on a whole bunch of trails that were cut late last fall.  Super fun.  I took this photo at Sawmill Pond one afternoon when I was finished ice skating, the ice wasn’t perfect, but the views were.  All this to say, just cause there isn’t a whole bunch of snow, don’t let that keep you from coming up with  bikes, skates, running or hiking shoes and skis.


Different topic, the inventory is pretty low right now with 151 available single family homes in the City and County areas.  There were 120 single family homes sold in the past three months with an ever decreasing number of short sales and bank owned properties at a combined total or 21 (14 shorts sales and 7 REOs).  FYI.