I Used To Be A Kirkwood Snob

Our family decided to buy two area season passes back in the Summer of 2011 when they are the best value.  We decided that we would buy both Kirkwood and Heavenly passes since we live so close to the “Heave”.  As you probably know, that was the year the Kirkwood was purchased by and made part of the Vail Resort System, the year we didn’t need two passes.  Shoulda known.  Well, we are dyed in the wool Kirkwood skiers and now find ourselves really loving the strengths of both mountains.  Heavenly puts out a great product, even in these dry years.  This video was taken today, not even on a powder day.  There is so much terrain that the diligent can make fresh tracks days after the storm.  Kirkwood does get much greater snowfall and they have overall better coverage right now plus there is still hiking/traversing to be had. I say we have the best of both worlds, two outstanding mountain ski areas within a short drive from home.  Kirkwood, for days when there’s more time for driving, and Heavenly when time is short.  All this to say, Heavenly ain’t so bad after all.